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Create a product with multiparts variations

The previous section helped you understand how to create a simple variable product using the plugin. But you could have more needs, such as changing several parts of a T-shirt. In the same tshirt, you might want to vary, the shape of the collar, the color of the collar, the color of the sleeves, the central color, etc …

Start by creating a new custom product

In the case of a product with multiparts variations, you must create a new view by clicking on “Add a view”.

After creating your view, you must now create your layer, for that, in the menu on the left, click on “Layers”. Once the panel is open, click on “Add a layer”.

A new panel opens.

I will take the example of a bag with two customizable stripes.

We will start by adding a simple variation for our bag.

You can add more variations to your bag if it is available in other colors. Finish by clicking on “Save layer”.

Now let’s take care of our stripes. We have two types of stripes available for our bag, triple stripes and double stripes, of course, each stripe has different colors.

So let’s add a layer in the same way as earlier.

This time we will click on “Add a mulipart variation”. A variation should be added. You will notice that it differs from the previous variation that we created. We must then choose a name for each of these variations, in our case, we have two types of stripes, so we create two variations with the name “Double stripes” and “Triple stripes”, you can adapt according to your needs.

Now we have to add the different parts of our variations. In our case, for “double stripes”, we simply have a left stripe and a straight stripe. Our two parts will then be called “Left” and “Right”.


We now add the different colors for our parts, red and white in our case.

Important ! Your images must be the same size as your other layers in order to adapt perfectly to the work area (The ideal is to work with photo editing software, and to be able to hide each element of a product separately) .

We now find our usual variations and we must then assign an image for each of the variations of our parts (always by clicking on the second case upload, the first is used to replace the color icon with an image).

Repeat the same steps for your different parts.

Once finished, click on “Save layer”.

Your multiparts variation is now configured. When you click on it, you will be able to change the colors of the different parts.

One important thing is the possibility to disable a multipart variation, this can be useful as in our case, we can give the possibility to users to disable scratches. To do this, you only have to modify one of the layers linked to the variations (this will affect the others automatically), is to activate the option “Can be switched off”.

That’s it, your product is now ready to be used, remember that your possibilities are multiple, and that you can add an infinity of parts and variations.

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