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Create a custom product with variations

The previous section shows you how to create a variable product using the WooCommerce system. But if you want to offer a more advanced and interactive system to your users, you can use the plugin to create your variations.

Start by creating a new custom product

You then have the choice to create either a view, then you will have to choose a size for the work area manually, then add a layer manually, or you can open an image which will automatically create the work area. In both cases, the procedure for creating a variation is the same. In my example, I will open an image.

Once you open an image, a first variation must have been created automatically. You will just have to define the name and the color of the variation.

To add an additional variation, you just have to click on “Add a variation”. A new one is then created, you must then selected a name, a color and an image for your variation, remember that the images of your variations must have the same size in the ideal. Note that the first upload box corresponds to the icon that will be displayed instead of the color if you define one, it is the second upload box that corresponds to the image of the variation.

Once finished, you can click on “Save image”, your layer has been created and when you click on your layer, you should be able to vary its color.

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