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Create a custom product

In this quick guide, we will see how to set up a simple personalized product.

So click on Add new custom product in the “Custom products” menu, you should access the interface to add a new custom product.

The first step is to add a work area, for this two options are available to you, either you add a view that will create a blank area to the dimensions you have chosen, or you open an image, which will automatically create a zone adapted to the size of the image.

Add a view

By clicking on add a view, you will see a window allowing you to define the dimensions of the work area, either using a predefined size, or manually, do not forget to define a name for your view, for example “Front View”, and then click create. A blank area appears, we will see later how to add layers.

Open an image

By clicking open an image, you should see the wordpress media manager open, you can then choose an image or upload an image, once selected, a second window opens. You must now define a title and optionally a category (used for a layout, refer to the corresponding documentation for more information). A variation is predefined from the image you have chosen in the wordpress media manager, set the color according to the variation, you can of course add as many variations as you want, finish by saving the image.

Add a layer

You can add a layer by clicking on the “layers” icon. You will need to define a title and optionally a category. You will need to add at least one variation to your layer. For each variation, you must define a color name, a color or an image that will represent the layer, then you can choose the size of the icon of a variation and finally the image of the layer itself.

Define a drawing area

You can define a drawing area to delimit the customization area of ​​your users. To do this click on the corresponding menu, then add a drawing area, click and hold your click by drawing the rectangle of the size you want. Now when your users add text, it will be linked to this drawing area, or if you have several drawing areas on the same view, they will be prompted to choose the desired area.

Create the custom product

Now that you have a usable custom product, do not forget to give it a title and create it.

Link the custom product to a WooCommerce product

Now that your custom product is created, you need to link it to a WooCommerce product, create a WooCommerce product, set a price as usual, go to the “Custom Products” tab, and choose the product. that you want to bind him. By checking the box “Set thumbnail”, the thumbnail of the product will be defined automatically.

Congratulations, you have created your first custom product. You can now view it by going to the frontend! But your product is not yet optimally configured. It would still be better to be able to add designs, design ideas, restrict certain categories or designs. Learn how to do this by reading the rest of the documentation!

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